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It was a quarter to 2:00 when I awoke from a sound sleep. Realizing that I had slept quite well and felt rested, I lay there feeling peaceful. That didn’t last long because Marilyn woke around 3:00 and we were up by 4:00.

Marilyn took her shower last night but I waited until this morning.

We were dressed and met Tony & Jackie for breakfast by 6:00, then took the shuttle to the airport at 7:00.

By 8:15 we were checked in, ticketed all the way to Capetown and had cleared security. Now we have only to wait for three hours for our flight to leave.

We waited a bit anxiously for Howard & Linda to appear. It will be a relief for all of us when we are together again.


Howard & Linda arrived and we were all relieved and happy to see them. We all feel as if we are on “The Amazing Race” and our friends, Howard & Linda are team number three.

The flight to Johannesburg was long, very long, but uneventful and we were happy to at last be in South Africa.

We all sat with a G & T (Gin & Tonic) at the airport in Joburg, before our flight was called. We were exhausted and worn out but very happy and enjoying the company of one another.

When we taxied out for departure at Joburg, they announced that one passenger had boarded the wrong aircraft and they taxied back in to de-plane the guy.

That caused us to be an hour late but at last we arrived in Capetown.

Then came the long walks with baggage, etc, to the rental car area.

With Tony in command of the rental vehicle, windshield wipers going on this bright sunshiny day, we were laughing and having a fine time. Tony soon had the controls mastered and the wipers off, as he maneuvered through the traffic on the “wrong” side of the road.

At the beautiful home of Carolyn & Sheldon, we were quickly shown our spacious room and could wait no longer for a shower and clean clothing.

Feeling much refreshed we were driven by Carolyn to the waterfront where we enjoyed a delicious seafood dinner.

Barely able to keep our eyes open we rode back to our abode and were soon in bed.

After a great night of welcome sleep we are now awake, dressed, and sitting outdoors, surrounded by beautiful scenery, singing birds, bright sunshine, and the laughter of our friends.

We will be off to see the whales after bit.

Life is Good!

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