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tire shop on the roadside

city gate at night

cow poop fuel in the making

We have sadly little to say about this city. We were doing the same thing that many of you at this time of the year: taking care of taxes....

The only fun we had here that we went to see a real Bollywood movie, complete with singing and dancing every few minute. It was great. The story goes like this: two sisters, Indian descents in Canada, or rather the older one is married now in Delhi to a super rich guy. She is coming to visit with the family and give birth of her twins in Montreal. The youner sister has a secret struggling musician boyfriend. Older sister dies giving birth to the kids, so the younger breaks communication with her boyfriend and marries the older sister's husband to be a mama to the babies. She moves to Delhi and is ignored by husband for 3 years. Finally he realizes that it is not good to ignore his wife and has big plans for after a business trip. However the old musician boyfriend -who now is a big star- is on a tour and bumps into younger sister. whatever, whatever, confrontation, younger sister gives up on old boyfriend to be a truly devoted wife and mama to the twins. Old boyfriend looks out of the screen and gives a speech that we don't understand (it is all in hindi) and says that he is still waiting for the right girl. Yeah! During the movie the husband mentions a problem that he sees with the marrige a number of times: the age difference. Hmmmm, the older sister was not that much older. Plus maybe another problem, do wives come with a warranty? If the older breaks, she will be replaced by a new version? Anyway, we had a good time and of course bought the soundtrack of the movie. While they speak hindi in the movie, there is enough English mixed in it that it is easy to follow.

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