Cruise Ship In Port Valdez

Cruise Ship Looking From The Other Side Of The Bay

Views Around Valdez

Jerry & Ollie In Front Of Keystone Glacier

Old Railroad Tunnel

Jerry Looking In

One Of Our Geocaches Was Hidden Here

A Handsome Magpie

Stan Stephens Glacier Tour

Glacier Spirit

Another Cruise Ship Going To Valdez Port

Beautiful Views On The Way

Getting Close To Columbia Glacier

Columbia Glacier

Icebergs Everywhere


Another View

Awesome Blue Color

Close Up Blue

Some Looked Like Huge Marshmellows

Another View

Another View

Another :-)


Back Inside To Warm Up

Jerry Holding A Piece Of An Iceberg

Waterfall On The Way Back

More Waterfalls & Mountain Goats

Floating Sea Lion

Back In Valdez Harbor

We have had a wonderful time in Valdez so far. I have so many pictures I have had to save them in four different files. I am taking the favorites from all the things we have done here and posting together as one catch up journal. I hope you enjoy all the pictures. I am not adding as many of the wildlife ones because I have done so many videos and pictures of wildlife already. We have seen a ton of wildlife, especially on the Columbia Glacier cruise. It was called the Stan Stephen's Glacier and Wildlife cruise and was another one of the Alaska Tour Book deals. We went out for over 6 hours and had delicious chowder for lunch and saw some of the most beautiful scenes we have seen in our life. It was awesome!!!!

Icebergs were floating all over the water, huge waterfalls and massive snow capped mountains meeting the water. We saw mountain goats on the top of the mountains, whales jumping in the water, puffins everywhere, massive sea lions, sea otters and more. One sea lion was floating on a buoy. I did add a picture of that one. :-) Since we have been in Alaska we have seen a ton of glaciers. We have been on at least five cruises or tours but this one was the BEST. Seeing the icebergs floating in the water everywhere was incredible. I am still shocked we were able to get so close to them.

We love Alaska so much we have even thought about staying for the winter. After talking to a few of the locals, including a much needed beautician and a chiropractor for a much needed adjustment, we decided we better move on soon. We were told Valdez gets 300 to 600 inches of snow each year. Yikes! They do try to keep the roads cleared but at times you can be snowed in for weeks. I want to spend some time in the snow, but not that much. :-) We will be heading out soon but we have totally enjoyed this awesome state. More later from Alaska.

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