Bayside RV Park Valdez

Tidal Bay In Front Of Our RV

Waterfall To Our Left

Juanita & Gordon

Bodie The Beagle :-)

View From The Back

This Is A Fishing Town For Sure

Another View Bayside

Last View Of The Beautiful Mountains

Jerry Caught A Nine Pound Silver Salmon Here Today

Jerry's First Silver Salmon... A Nice One!

Our time in Alaska is coming to a close. We will be pulling out of Valdez this Thursday. We have totally enjoyed our three months here and would definitely come back again later, especially when the gas prices are back to normal.....if that ever happens. :-) I think the second time around would be even better. Once you have been here you know which places you really prefer and where you would want to stay again.

I would like to explore the Homer area much more next time. Seward was another one of our favorite places, as is Valdez. The awesome site we had at Bayside RV Park made this place very relaxing and special. The wildlife right outside our windshield is priceless. I have had many relaxing mornings having coffee and watching the bears, otters and birds, including eagles fishing, with my binoculars.

The campers are very close on the sides but the front view makes this place. It is a tidal bay and when the tide is in we see otters, fish jumping etc. When the tide goes out the bears come out to grab the fish. Either way we are happy watchers. When we first got here we got the site for a week. Then we added another and then we found out we could rent for a whole month for $700. They were kind enough to credit the weekly to the monthly. We knew we might not be here the whole month, but even if we left early it was still cheaper by the month. So, that's what we did and we were happy we did.

We just realized we have been on the road for 6 months as of August, 17th. It has gone by so fast we had no idea it had been that long. Half a YEAR at home use to seem like absolutely....forever. We are still in shock thinking about how it feels like only a few weeks to us. I think having family visit us helped a lot. At first we were really missing family. We still do, but having Vickie come for a week, then Jared for two weeks really helped. We will have to keep the family visitors coming. :-)

We have also found a lot of comfort from our very special RV Family. We have been reading the journals of other RV folks for some time before we even left home. We have had the privilege of meeting many of them on our journey and they have been a HUGE blessing. You guys know who you are. :-)

This week we got to meet a couple we call our Alaska scouts. They got here a month ahead of all the other friends traveling to Alaska. They laid out the blue print for us and made out paths much easier to travel. We got reports on bad roads before we hit them. We got reports about the good campsites and the lousy ones. We even printed their journal updates out on paper and put on our dash as our guide ahead. Many times when we had no WiFi etc. we had those pages to look ahead and see what's next. :-) A HUGE thank you to our friends, Juanita and Gordon Pierce. Their site is Seeing The USA in our Chevrolet. Seeing The USA in our Chevrolet

We had them over for a late lunch the day they arrived and we had a blast with them. We are going to their home on wheels tomorrow for some of that great halibut Gordon caught. We feel like we have known them all our lives. This is what I mean about our RV family. We love you guys!

More later from the Alaska Highway.

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