Our Campsite Destruction Bay

A Stop At Tetlin Passage

Wildlife Reserve

A Nice Deck

A Nice View From The Deck

Back In Canada

Awesome Views

Huge Mountains On The Way

Lots Of Wildflowers

Two Moose In The Field

More Awesome Views

We drove a bit over 200 miles today and are staying in Destruction Bay, Yukon. The first 45 miles from Tok were filled with a lot of construction. We only had to wait a few minutes at the most so it was not a problem.

The highway was not nearly as bad as it was going to Alaska. There are still a lot of frost heaves etc. but a lot of the pot holes have been filled.

We are staying at a Good Sam Park called Destruction Bay Lodge. Most of the parks and gas stations are closed from Tok to here. We did see one called Burwash Landing but they were full. We are just happy to find a place to rest with a pull though so we don't have to disconnect the car.

The WiFi here is really slow but I will try to add a few pictures. We saw four moose on the way today. It is cool to see them again. Valdez gets too much snow for them so you don't see them there. More later from the Alaskan Highway. Pictures will be added later. Please check back.

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