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BMX family reunion at Outback

When in Pennsville, we had to stop for Friday night chinese at...

Friday night is chinese night!

Eating with the kids

Pre Thanksgiving strategizing meeting

The gathering crowd at Pre-Thanksgiving dinner 2015

So many people!

Great people and friends and family all over

More fun

Justine made a beautifully painted pumpkin!

Two dessert tables!

Long line of food

Ryan afraid the baby will break!

Matt and Kim cleaning up

The whole reason we decided to head east for Pre Thanksgiving. This has become a tradition in our family. Years ago, when my two youngest sons were in college, they decided to have some friends over for a thanksgiving dinner so they could all enjoy being together before going home to their respective families. The kids would come and everyone would help cook. It was fun to do it this way especially when many have not had much time in the kitchen. They learned how to sauté’ veggies, make lasagna and crab cakes, deep fry turkey, make gravy, the works. It was a blast. We had so much fun we have done it every year since though it kept getting bigger and bigger. The last time we had pre-thanksgiving at our house, we had 34 people for dinner. This time the house has been sold, so Fritz McIntosh reserved the F.O. P. in Pennsville for us all. All the kids invited their friends, and we had invited some. It was amazing to see that the small circle of friends from that original meal has grown to many circles of friends, to the point where this year, we had nearly 100 people attending. Everyone brought food. So much food! We had two turkeys, two hams, two sausage stuffed – bacon wrapped – pork roasts (awesome stuff!) mashed potatoes, gravy (which almost wasn’t – thanks for the rescue Donna Mulford and Phyllis McCarthy!), and sooooo much more food. And the original pre-thanksgiving crew helped with setting up and taking down. Seeing everyone together in one room was something I will never forget. We are truly amazed that we have such good kids, good friends, and the extended family that we have. Joey and Brittney even came down fromm Boston...again! And Matt and Kim, washing dishes as always. Thank you!!! I love you all. We are so blessed.

The few days leading up to and prepping for dinner, we stayed at some friends houses. While in Bear Delaware at Nancy's house, we had a nice lunch where a lot of our quilting buddies were able to come over and eat and visit. I miss them! They continually inspire me to keep quilting, and reading! In NJ we stayed at my BFF's house (Mary Clake) We have been through so much over the past gamillion years and it was great to be able to spend time there. She even allowed us and a small army of kids to take over her kitchen for baking cookies and experimenting with things like how easy is it to break an egg by crushing it in your hand. (you can if you have strong and long fingers...yes we cleaned up the egg-splosion.) We were able to visit so many people. Every day was a lunch somewhere or a dinner somewhere. We met up with the old BMX family who had not been together in about 15 years, got to see my office receive a National Accreditation that I helped to work on, and have salad pizza (dont knock it till you tried it!). So much fun to be able to visit and we still were not able to see everyone. Wish it could have been a longer visit, but I guess we will just have to go back someday. Glad that people actually wanted to see us! Haha!!! Love you all!

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