Look At This Road On The Cassiar Highway

This Made The Road Worth It!

Clouds On The Mountains


View From The Other Side Of The Rest Area

Even With Rain And Clouds All Day...It Was Awesome!

A Stop At Jade City

Look At The Size Of That Jade!

More Wonderful Views On The Cassiar Highway

That "dot" In The Road Is A Car... Compare The Size!!

Yikes! Look At This Road!

This Made It Worth It.... Again!

Metal Bridges

Moose In The Road

Running Moose

Entrance To Campground

Another View

Llama Check In! :-)

Our Campsite Red Goat Lodge, Iskut, B.C.

The Lake

Cloudy, But Awesome View!

This Place Reminds Me Of Hawaii

Our Site Looking Back From The Lake

What A Great Place!

A Wonderful Jewel In The Wilderness....Both Jerry & The Place!

Today we drove a bit over 200 miles, from the Baby Nugget near Watson Lake, to Iskut, British Columbia, Canada. We are staying at the Red Goat RV Lodge. It is absolutely beautiful and we wish we had planned more time here. We parked in the pull-thru so we could leave early and not have to unhook the car again. They had lake spots where you could park right on the water. We now wish we had stayed longer and pulled right in facing that awesome lake. The price was $25 a night. What a deal!

They have water and 30 amps plus a dump station. They call them sani-dumps here. If we are in the area again, we would stay at least a week. They had a Llama that checked us in at the office. :-) He was a friendly fellow and kept walking down to the lake, back around the office and kept looking at us in the RV. He checked Ollie out once and Ollie was a bit confused at what this big guy was. This is the first time we have had a Llama in a campsite and we enjoyed it much. :-) I also did a video of the fellow. I will add it later for my grandsons to see.

The views on the way to Iskut were incredible, even though we had a very rainy day on and off. We had sprinkles on the windshield most of the day. I apologize for my pictures with the drops.

On the way we stopped at a store called Jade City. They had huge boulders of jade and every kind of jade jewelry you could ask for. They also had great free coffee. Check out the size of the piece of jade by Jerry. :-) We also saw a moose in the road today. Cool! He seemed to be mesmerized looking at us for a while and then when we got close, he took off and ran like lightning. I got the best pictures I could, but they were not as close as I would like.

Jerry is going to do a road report next. I know a lot of our RV friends are leaving Alaska soon and coming this way. Here is what he has to say about the road situations:

Jerry Here: The road from the junction of Cassiar Highway for the next forty miles was very rough. There were a lot of gravel breaks, frost heaves and very narrow roads with no shoulders or center lines. For the next 80 miles the road was considerably better. I felt safe driving at around 40 miles an hour, at the most. The next twenty miles into Dease Lake were very bad with steep grades and gravel roads. Once in Dease Lake, the road was very good to Iskut. I will report on the road conditions again after leaving Iskut.

More later from the Cassiar Highway.

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