Flowers Lining The Streets... Quesnel, B.C.

Farms Everywhere

Cows, Sheep, Horses & More

We Stopped Here To Make Lunch

A Beautiful & Historical Rest Area

Another View

Williams Lake, B.C.

Beautiful Homes On The Lake

Getting Set Up At Fir Crest RV Park Lac La Hache, B.C.

Cabins To Our Left

Ollie On His Pad By The Fire Ring

The Lake Just Before Dark

Sun Setting To Our Right

Moon Over Cabins To Our Left

Our Nice Fire

Another View Of The Lake

Next Morning View...Island On The Right

Beautiful Clear Water

Wish It Was Warm Enough To Swim :-)

Last View

Today we drove another 188 miles. The scenery has turned into lots of rolling farm land stretching our for miles with beautiful green pastures. We have seen farming of everything from food to every kind of creature including buffalo and llamas. :-) We are truly seeing the western culture of British Columbia. It kind of reminds me of Montana with all the horses and hay in the fields.

We drove though some beautiful towns with flowers lining the streets and huge lakes. I am adding a few pictures, please excuse the dirty windshield. We did stop for lunch at a rest area called Paddlewheels North. I managed to get a few bug free pictures there.

We are staying the night at Fir Crest Resort in Lac La Hache, B.C. It is on a huge lake called Lac La Hache. From what I read in the Milepost, it means, " Lake of the Ax". Yikes! There are a lot of loons in the lake and you can hear them crying at night. We had a nice fire and sat out there listening for hours. So cool! I am hoping to see some of the loons today and get some pictures. We got a great site where we drove right up to the lake and can see it right our windshield. What an awesome view! The cost was only $25. It has full hook-ups but no WiFi or TV. They do have WiFi in the office but it was closed when we went.

We just enjoyed sitting around the fire and looking at the fantastic surrounding. There are only a few other campers in the park. Our site also has a huge fire area because of the cabin rentals to our left. It feels so good to have a lot of free space and trees instead of concrete parking lots. We would definitely come back here again.

We only have about 250 miles to go to make it to Washington. Jerry is thinking of driving about 200 and then resting. He wants to be fresh when we cross the border and find our next place for a longer stay. More later from British Columbia.

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