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Yesterday I made one last pilgrimage to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and everybody was out . Tourists, locals, skateboarders, bikers, and homeless crowded the train. My goal was to see the Pandas and elephants. With our season passes we got all kinds of discount coupons and at the entrance I tried to find people to give them to. You would have thought I was giving away counterfeit 20's. Finally a young family with three children took the 50% off coupons. After a nice three mile hike through the zoo I headed for home.

Back at the trailer my husband was pretty wound up about what happened at the end of the NASCAR race. I listened but not really. It was one of the reasons I left for the day. While he watched the race he'd made me an incredible black with silver bead bracelet. This hobby might work out just fine.

Today I have a sink full of dirty dishes, an over flowing laundry basket, and cloudy windows. Since we now have water without a thirty minute wait time my chores are calling.

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