One of the Christmas Tree Farms we passed on the way

A beautiful mountain stream on the way to Mt. Baker

A stop at Milano's for lunch

I had the Tuna Pannini Special :-)

Jerry checking out the grapevine outside

It was loaded with grapes

Next stop was Nooksack Falls

Awesome Falls!

Another view

Mount Baker Ahead

My most incredible bird happening, they flew right to me!!!

They were everywhere, one even flew into the car...

Incredible lake view!

View 2

View 3

A lot of people with the same idea :-)

We had both cameras busy

The ski lift

The ski lodge

Mount Baker

Zoom of the top of Mt. Baker

Another view

It looks like powdered sugar on top

Look at this incredible place!!

Mountain reflections

More reflections

We were at 3,000 feet, Mt Baker is 10,000...Wow!

Jerry taking pictures

Beautiful berries on the path back to the car

The walk around the lake

Jerry found this odd stump and decided to climb into it..yikes!

I was shocked!

He got out okay, thank goodness! He thought it might have a...

Back on the beautiful road home

Last look at Mt. Baker

Neat birds..

One of the tree farms

We saw acres of them

They all had ribbons on the top..

Alpine Christmas Tree Farm

My favorite picture of all time, I will never forget this one....

We had a fantastic day today! We decided to drive about 75 miles to Mt. Baker. On the way there we stopped at a little pull off to see the view. As soon as I got out of the car, a bird flew and landed right on my shoulder. I told Jerry to grab the camera and see if he could get a picture. The bird just sat there as if he was my own tame bird. I put my hand out to see what he would do and more birds flew in and one landed on my right hand. Awesome!! They just kept coming and one would fly on one arm while another was on my left arm. One pecked my finger so I think they were wanting to be fed. I got a health bar out of the car and broke it in half, they attacked it on both arms fighting over the pieces. I looked these birds up in my book and they are called Clark's Nutcrackers. It even said that some of them are tame. Wowser!!! I have loved birds as long as I can remember and have wished such a thing would happen, but it never did until now. I have to say it was one of the most exciting days of my life and I won't be forgetting it any time soon. They never flew to Jerry at all, one did fly in the car and we had to let him out before Ollie had a fit. It was awesome and I hope it happens again some day.

We drove through so many tiny towns on the way to Mount Baker, it was a very exciting drive and absolutely beautiful. We saw acres of Christmas tree farms and some of them had ribbons on the top of each one. It was awesome! We stopped in a town called Glacier for lunch at Milano's. They had a cool grapevine right outside the door loaded with grapes. I had the Tuna Pannini and Jerry had a Chicken Parmesan special. Both were great and we would go back again for sure.

We stopped on the way to Mt. Baker at a huge double fall called Nooksack Falls. It was a bit steep for me to go the whole way but Jerry made it to the bottom and got some great pictures. We could not believe the beauty of this scenic drive. Mount Baker is absolutely fantastic! We got to 3,000 feet before the road closed because of recent snow. It is 10,000 feet to the top. I have added over 40 pictures and I had a hard time breaking them down to 40. I could have added 100 today. :-) I don't want to make the site too hard to load so I controlled myself. I hope you enjoy them much. More later from the fantastic state of Washington.

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