Loading the Ferry to San Juan Island

A nice comfortable ride, it took about 1 hour 45 minutes

We enjoyed walking on the deck too

Entering Friday Harbor, the largest city on the island

Off the ferry and ready to explore the island

Our Ferry and the harbor

A visit to Hot Shot Flavor Emporium

They had a huge variety

A vineyard with all the grapes covered for winter

Next stop was a very unique sculpture park

Westcott Bay Sculpture Park

Jerry at a huge table

Acres of sculptures

These were for prayers to be added

One of my favorites, called "Broken Melody"

We liked the horse in the back too

A better view of the horse

This one was called "The Otter & Three Frogs"

Birds by the pond

"Island World"

The park was a total of 19 acres

This plane landed in the road right next to the!

Next we visited Roche Harbor

The Fall trees are awesome all over the island

Old church in Roche Harbor, it had some nice bells ringing when...

Next stop was English Camp

The sign tells the story

Next was Krystal Acres Alpaca Farm

They were very friendly

The farm was beautiful!!

They had some great sweaters and coats but they were high end...

Awesome colors!

One more!

Look at the name of this dentist... "Tooth Ferry" cool!

Vic's Cafe...we had great fish baskets here..

Next was a beautiful drive to a state park nearby

Lime Kiln State Park, this is popular for whale watching

A great path with awesome trees, this one was a Douglas Fir

It was all down hill and was a lot harder coming back...

A very rocky beach with a neat Lighthouse in view

The Lighthouse

A closer view

After leaving the park we saw this beautiful lake

The yellow trees were reflecting in the water

Another view

One more

Last one!

Back in Friday Harbor

A short wait before boarding

Are we done yet??? He was happy to be back in his...

Views from the ferry 1

View 2

View 3

Jerry steering the ship :-)

View 4

View 5

Last one!!

Today was a very busy day. We decided to take the ferry over to explore the San Juan Islands. We had to be in line for boarding by 8:30 A.M. The cost for both of us and the car was only $48. Ollie went for free. :-) The ferry was very nice and roomy with nice comfortable seats. The ride took about 1 hour and 20 minutes on the way there, coming back we stopped at Lopez Island so it took a bit longer. We loved the town of Friday Harbor. It is the largest town on San Juan Island. We had the whole island to explore so we only spent a short time there and wish we had more time to shop. It was a cool town!

One of our first stops was a huge 19 acre park called Westcott Bay Sculpture Park. Founded in 2001, the Westcott Institute brings art and nature together. They have public events that celebrate the natural beauty of San Juan Islands and the talent of artist who live and work there. Most of the sculptures were for sale. It was a fantastic display and we wish we had more time to view all of it. I have added pictures of some of our favorites. One was a huge table that Jerry sat at BEFORE we read the please do not sit sign. :-) While we were walking and viewing the art, a plane landed right in the road next to us. The people got out with luggage and walked down to the Roche Harbor Resort a block or so down the road. Cool!

Next we visited Roche Harbor, a tiny town with a few restaurants and a very nice resort. They had a old church that had the bells ringing when we passed. One of the roads was closed so we didn't get to visit much of the village but it looked like a very nice place.

We were doing a loop around the island trying to see as much as possible. We were told it was about 30 miles total. It was an awesome drive with the trees glowing with bright reds and yellows. Our next stop was the Krystal Acre Alpaca Farm. This was one of the prettiest farms we have visited so far in Washington, that is saying a LOT because we have seen a ton of fabulous ones. This one had the drive lined with flowers blooming all over and white painted fences with flowing hills of green. They had friendly Alpacas coming right up to you. They also had a neat store with beautiful coats and sweaters made from their wool. I would love to have one but my budget said no. :-)

After the farm we were getting hungry so we headed back to town to find some lunch. We stopped at Vic's Cafe and had very nice fish baskets. With the tummies full we headed back to visit the Lime Kiln State Park. We were told this is the best place to watch for whales. There are pods of Orca Whales living in the waters around San Juan all year. We didn't have any luck with the whales but we did see a harbor seal. The path to the beach was about 300 yards and was all down hill. Coming back up was tiring and gave us both a good work out. Ollie was worn out when we left here too. It was another superb park and I highly recommend it and the tour of San Juan. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

We will be leaving Sunday and heading to Cannon Beach, Oregon. This will be the last post from Washington. More later from Oregon. :-)

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