Port Astoria with tons of Sea Lions

Peter Wolf Toth Statue #57 "Whispering Giant".... cool! This is the second...

More info

We enjoyed shopping in this tiny J.C. Penney Store :-)

I loved this mural in Astoria

The other end of the mural

The Astoria Bridge crossing the Columbia River

Unusual Boat Cache

Our Bench Geocache Ilwaco, Washington

"Cottage Bakery" where we had awesome Chicken & Spinach Soup..

Long Beach, Washington

Nice Sandy Beach

Cool Pan!!

Crab Special

Unusual Fish Station :-)

Last this my good side??

I have been trying to do this journal for days but my internet connection has been horrible. We have a new window in the car and it's now in shop for the dent repair. We rented a car in Astoria, Oregon. We didn't have as much time to visit Astoria as we wanted so we plan to go back for more later.

Astoria is a beautiful town right on the Columbia River. I was totally surprised to see another huge wooden sculpture by Peter Wolf Toth. The first one we saw was in Valdez, Alaska. Here is a paste with a bit of info about him. "Peter Wolf Toth realized his life's mission at the age of 24. In February 1972 he completed his first monumental sculpture, a stone Indian head, carved from the cliff at Wind and Sea Beach in La Jolla, California. By the summer he had switched from stone to wood. After finishing his second monumental sculpture, this time carved from a dead elm stump in Sand Run Park in Akron, Ohio, he made a dramatic decision: I will make a sculpture of an Indian, to honor them, in each of the fifty states". You can do a search on google and find out more if you are interested. They are huge and awesome!

While we were in Astoria we decided to do our first Oregon geocache. Once we finished it we realized we had totally forgotten to find one in the state of Washington. Yikes! We were there a whole month too, but totally forgot about it. We decided to drive over the bridge back into Washington and get one so we can mark the state on our geocache map. We found one with an unusual bench, but the weirdest one yet was a boat. It was cut in half and made into a information booth and had one hidden in it. Cool! I liked the sign on it too. :-) I have a ton of pictures to add but they are taking so long I will have to add them later. More later from the beautiful Oregon Coast.

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