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The Slide


John and Sue cleared their schedule to so we could spend the day together. We began the day with a road trip to look at the Gros Ventres slide area. It was impressive! It was caused when an earthen dam broke upstream after many days of rain. It took out a small town, where 6 people lost their lives. It dammed up the river which then changes course. The amount of dirt and rock that was washed down was phenomenal. Interesting to look at in retrospect, but very frightening at the time I am sure!

For lunch we had a picnic at the wedding tree, so named by Sue who did perform a wedding there. What a perfect spot, with such a beautiful backdrop of the mountains. There just really was nowhere we could look that was not just breathtakingly gorgeous!

Back at their place, John barbecued ribs for us for dinner. I brought potato salad and Sue rounded out the menu with another one of her delectable side dishes, green beans and bacon in foil on the grill. And of course desert!

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