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This morning I saw Dr. Geck to discuss the results of the CT myelograms that were done last week. The news was a bit discouraging. There is another fracture in my upper thoracic spine, which is what is causing the pain in my shoulder blade area. Dr. Geck wants me to try physical therapy for about three months and then return to his office. If that doesn’t take care of the pain, then I’ll need to have a third surgery. Bummer!! He said that it would be a much simpler surgery than the first two and that it would take only about three hours. The recovery period would be shorter, too. He confirmed that the Forteo drug treatment is working to strengthen my bones. I’ll have to take it for another year.

Today I’ve checked my TV reception several times to see whether I’m getting a picture. The communications from Time Warner stated that, without the adapter, I would be unable to receive a picture; but it is still working just fine. I hope it will continue to work without the adapter. So many technological “improvements” just cause a lot of extra work and expense!

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