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We went to the Super RV Show and spent a couple hours looking while fending off salesmen who were like

mosquitoes on a warm summer night. Why would you put a mirror and drawers in a closet that had hanging clothes in front of them? Just one of the design mysteries we encountered.

Some how in the pool Thursday I pulled a back muscle. Was fine standing, walking , and sitting but could not get up once I sat down. It was like being a shark who has to be in perpetual motion. Finally I caved and took half a pain pill. Slept 9 hours and snored. Repeated Friday and yesterday I was good but had a Vicodin hang over.

My washer has been A09ing (code for not enough water pressure) me for weeks. The park checked and it was fine coming out of their tower. Taking a shower took thirty minutes because it was like a bad prostrate stream. We started checking everything and finally realized our pressure gauge was bad. Now the shower will knock you down.

Just a couple more things to see and do before we leave California and head home.

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