Today arrived in this small village on the river which heads down to Luang Probang where we intend to go day after tomorrow by boat, 6-7 hours...Now the next day we head out of town on foot and go to some caves 6 km. away which were used by the Liberation Army from 1964 til 1975 as their headquarters and the bank for the region. It was very fascinating to see and explore these caves esp. given that they were used so recently...many connecting/ed rooms and very dark!! We had headlamps but it was still hard to believe that these were occupied for so long and used continuously...they are natural caves which had stalagtites/mites etc. and there were two large pits at the base of the cliffs(in which the caves are located) where 2,000 and 6,000 lb bombs where dropped by the U.S. back in those days! The cliffs are surrounded on most sides by other cliffs so it had to be very difficult to drop even those bombs that close.

We got up the next day after a nite of rain and decided against the boat so instead piled into a bus which took us to the Provincial Capital-Luang Probang.

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