The Inn

Beautiful trees

Ice Skating

Outside Fire

Seasons Restaurant

We drove 14 miles to Mount Bachelor

Almost there

As far as we could go

Ollie checking out the white stuff

Jerry's snowball

Ski lift in the center

Ice on the roads

Start of snowman

My snowball

Our Thanksgiving snowman :-)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

We had a wonderful day but really missed our family a lot. We had a fabulous buffet at a restaurant called Seasons, at The Inn Of Seventh Mountain. The restaurant has an ice skating rink right across from it so you can watch them skate as you eat. Out the other side was a heated pool and we saw tons of people jumping into the hot water and freezing when they got out. I would rather watch than swim like that, it was in the 30's but they sure seemed to be having fun.

They did have a huge fire next to the skating rink so you could sit and warm up. It was a wonderful place for Thanksgiving dinner and we enjoyed it much. We filled our bellies too full and then headed up to Mount Bachelor. It is a 14 mile drive and it was beautiful. They have about 18 inches of snow and they need 30 inches before they can open. We are expecting snow next week. Yippee!!!

We drove as far as we could and got out and played in the snow. We made our first snowman but we didn't have a lot to work with and had to make his mouth out of an ink pen. The hat helped though. :-) We would have loved to have all four grandsons here to play in the snow with us today. This is the first time we have been away from all family for Thanksgiving and we missed everyone a LOT. We managed to have a great one anyway and hope all of our readers and family did too. More later from Oregon.

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