The snow has arrived & it's awesome!!

Our snow covered road in front of our campsite

Our car

Start of Snowman

Finished Snowman

We had to close our awning, the snow is so heavy

Last one

This one added with more snow 12-15

The snow has finally arrived. It snowed all night Friday night and we woke up to a winter wonderland. :-) It has continued to snow all day and they are predicting more for the next ten days, on and off. We are loving it and having a blast.

Our site is the very last one on the end. We are right at the fence and the neighbors on the other side have two horses. They were running like crazy this morning all over the snow covered pasture. What a sight to see!

We have been busy decorating the tree and making a new snowman for the yard. This one looks a bit better than the last one, we had a lot more stuff to work with. :-) I hope you enjoy the pictures. More later from Bend.

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