Mount Bachelor Ski Resort, still not open..

Information about Mount Bachelor

Swampy Lakes Sno-Park

Two other families just got their trees

One of them took a picture of us together, a rare happening....

Ollie went crazy in the snow

Snow angels... :-)

He LOVES snow

Our first tree we are decorating with bird seed etc. for the...

Back home almost ready to decorate, the birds are already landing in...

Tree with the bird bells, suet and fruit added

The first one to eat was a cute Chickadee :-)

We had a very exciting day today. We went into the woods and cut down our own tree. :-) We heard about the city of Bend having a special pass for $5. Once you pay the $5 you are allowed to go to any of the designated areas and cut down your Christmas tree of choice. We decided to drive back to Mount Bachelor in the Deschutes National Forest to get ours.

We have a tiny artificial one that sits on our steering wheel table for the inside, but thought a big one outside would be nice for the birds. We are going to add seed feeders, suet and fruits, seed bells etc. We had a blast walking in the snow looking for the perfect tree. We saw a lot of people hauling trees out of there today. It is not as easy as we thought. It took us quite a while to find the perfect one with lots of space for feeders.

We had no idea Ollie would love the snow so much. He went WILD!! He rolled and ran around and rolled some more. He took quite a few bites of the white stuff and even enjoyed eating it. We walked quite a ways into the woods and no one was near us so we let him run on his own. I think he enjoyed this tree stuff as much as us. :-) They are saying we are about to get a ton of snow this weekend and we are ready and waiting. Yippee!!! More later from Bend, Oregon.

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