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First stop...Wawa!!!!!

Wet Photographers at Conowingo Dam

Bald Eagle fishing

A bad picture of several eagles fighting for a fish

Synchronized flying

Black Vulture. Cute in an ugly sort of way!

Yeah, cute! Or maybe not!

Black vulture attempting to dry its wings....in the rain

There were hundreds of vultures!

Warning...vultures like cars!

And trucks!

Cream of Crab soup and a view.

Followed by crab cake! Mmmmmmm!!!

We headed east to see family for thanksgiving. The first place we went to, after landing at around 1am was to go to Wawa for coffee. Mike drank a lot of Wawa coffee and has missed it. We have been able to get k-cups of Wawa coffee but apparently it is not the same as the “real stuff”. We made A LOT of Wawa stops in the course of our visit over the next ten days.

In the morning we drove to Maryland. Mike had to go to one of his old job sites in Elkton MD. This is a recurring job he had done for over 30 years and it just so happened to be finishing up the day we landed in Philly. So after a very late arrival in Philly and staying the night, the next morning we drove to Elkton. Mikes brother Steve was there so it was good to see him and be able to walk the site again.

Not too far away was one of my favorite bird spots, Conowingo Dam. Each fall to winter, hundreds of Bald Eagles and Black Vultures congregate there taking advantage of the fishing at the base of the dam. It is possible to see a hundred Bald Eagles at once. For this reason, people from all over the world come to see them. Many photographers line the parking lot rails the entire fall and winter. This day the weather was pretty wet, so the number of people were down, but not the numbers of birds. I did not have a big lens with me since we had flown on the plane, but did manage to get a few pictures anyway. The eagles were seen soaring over the water, sometimes catching a fish, and trying to take the prize to a safe place, while other eagles tried to grab it from them, mid-air.

The Black Vultures were there in force. They were all over the parking lot, on the fences, signs, and peoples cars. In fact there are signs up warning people that vultures can damage cars. They like to peck at the rubber stripping around doors, windshield wipers and tires. They can cause a lot of scratches. They were also fun to watch, though they may seem a little creepy to see so many.

From there we figured we were in Maryland, may as well go eat Crab Cakes. We have our go to place. It is in Grasonville Maryland off the Kent Narrows Bridge. At the Narrows Restaurant, there is a small table against the window in the bar section. There are two stools and the most amazing view of the Chesapeake Bay. That is “our spot”. We sit there every time we come. Funny that no one is there when we are but it has worked out well. We order cream of crab soup and crab cakes. This cream of crab soup is the most amazing creamy wonderness. Oh my. Sooooo gooood. Then follow that with some stellar crab cakes, and the view. My absolute favorite place ever. Yum!

The next day we went into New Jersey. We stopped at plenty of Wawa’s along the way for Mike to get his coffee fix. We had a nice visit at his office, Active Environmental, in Mount Holly. It was fun to see everyone though we did miss his business partner, Mike Iles who was not in. We also saw some friends from Trevdan, a company that shares some of the shop yard with Active. We were sorry to have missed Trevdan Mike when he was in Tillamook Oregon recently so it was good to be able to catch up there. A quick stop to Chip-N-Dale BMX shop to see Andy Currie and whatever is new in the BMX world. Andy has been part of the “family” for a LONG time! Jesse and Ryan used to race BMX and ride the skate parks and streets. They still do sometimes! From there we drove on to Brooklyn to spend the weekend with Ryan and Becca.

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