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Decorated Tree on Virginia Avenue

Purple Martin Sanctuary on Virginia Avenue

Purple Martin Sanctuary on Virginia Avenue

This morning after exercise class Nancy and I went into the part of the Zilker neighborhood just up the hill from Pecan Grove RV Park. She had seen a large tree decorated for Christmas and wanted to take a picture of it. It was notable because of its size and the size of the decorations on it.

On the same street there is a wonderful purple martin sanctuary located at 1606 Virginia Avenue. This sanctuary is National Wildlife Habitat certified. This means that it offers four components: shelter, food, water and a place to raise young. It’s a great example. The owners of the property have put chairs and a picnic table in the sanctuary so that people can sit and watch the martins. (http://austin.ynn.com/content/278141/local-wonders--songbirds-flock-to-south-austin)

After our little exploration, we went to Flipnotics for coffee. Flipnotics is a funky place that fits the Austin persona very well.

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