The snow at Mt. Bachelor

Snow tubing tracks were melted.. ugh

The ski shop was awesome!!

Look how high the snow is banked, they just need new snow..

The top part looks good, we will be back for tubing here...

We see lots of snow covered roads in the area..

LaPine State Park

The Deschutes River runs all through the park

Lots of huge Ponderosa Pines

A beautiful place!

They had piles of brush all over cleaning up

Another view

Jerry showing how large the trees are :-)

The Little Deschutes River was frozen

Another view

It was frozen solid..

LaPine was much smaller than we expected

They did have a huge quilt store our friend Juanita would love...

Back home with NO snow..:-)

The weather has warmed with the highs in the 50's. All the snow at our site has melted. We are hoping for more snow soon, but they are saying it might be another 10 days before a cold front comes through. We decided we will just go where the snow is. :-) We drove back to Mt. Bachelor to check out the snow tubing site there. They have a 10-acre area of groomed tube runs accessed by two specially designed lifts taking you to what they call the Snowblast Tubing Park. We were very disappointed to find a lot of the snow has melted and they had to close it temporarily. We will definitely go back later when we hear they have more snow.

After checking out Mt. Bachelor's awesome ski shop, we decide to visit the LaPine State Park. The LaPine State Park is only about 30 minutes from Bend. The park is home to Oregon's largest ponderosa pine. Nicknamed "Big Red," the tree is 162' tall, 28.9' around and may be in excess of 500 years old. We wanted to see Big Red, but they had parts of the park closed because of so much snow in the area. I took a picture of one of the huge trees with Jerry in front, just to show you the size of the huge trees all over the park. The Deschutes River runs all through the park and had snow all over the banks. It was a beautiful park and we wish more of it had been open for viewing.

We were so close to the town of LaPine we decided to drive on the extra few miles for a visit. On the way there we stopped at the Little Deschutes River and were amazed to see it was totally frozen. It was hard enough to walk on the ice. It was a beautiful site to see, being from Florida we still get very excited about frozen rivers. :-) We will be taking advantage of the warm weather and doing some household chores etc. etc. but we will be very happy to hear when more snow is on the way. More later from Bend.

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