My beautiful roses

Closer view

One more

A very snowy and beautiful Valentine's Day

Picking Ollie up from the Hospital

He was happy to see us :-)

We have had a very rough week. Ollie got so sick he had to be hospitalized. He has not been able to hold anything down and has become dehydrated. We took him to the Bend Veterinarian Clinic, February the 12th. They kept him overnight and most of the 13th. They immediately gave him liquids intravenously. After tons of test and blood work they finally did an X-Ray and found he had swallowed part of his toy tennis ball. It caused a lot of irritation in his intestines. He is doing much better now, but he is still very weak. We are very grateful this Valentine's Day to have him back. That is the best gift we could have gotten. We call him puppy all the time but must remember he really is ten years old. :-)

We hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day. I have added a few pictures of the roses my awesome sweetheart got for me. :-) Enjoy!

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