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Heading along the ocastal road

As we approach the Costa del Sol golf courses appear

and I understand overpriced condos

Looks inviting, right on the coast

You can see the coast stretching to the south and overcrowding starting

Bull ring in the middle of town


Grenada is only 30 minutes in land

Heading toward the Sierra Nevadas home of the talles peaks in Spain

Sothern Spain is very dry you can see how low this reservoir...

Many deep ravines as we approach Grenada

Modern Grenada

and another view of Grenada

Now we head across land toward the coast to Murcia

Landscape changes every kilometer

Red rock and soil

Olive trees appear

Heading to a high plateau

Different coloured rocks and fromations appear

Very porous rock

Interesting creations

A ways to go yet. It will be a 10 hour day

A town appears in the middle of nowhere

and it is walled with a fortress

Palm trees appear

Farmers tilled fields

Now orange trees appear

After 10 hours on the road we collapse

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