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Misty mountain drive allowed for seeing this rainbow

North Fork of the Santiam River

As we gain elevation we start to see snow!

Pretty trees

Three Fingered Jack

Broken Top appears beyond an old forest fire burn

The town of Sisters still has snow

Not looking much like a desert here now!

Checking out the Pavati Wakeboard Boat

View from Boones Ferry of the Willamette River

Fall leaves have fallen

We are getting ready to head east to see family and friends, but first we drove to Redmond to drop the trailer off for some more repair work. We are following up on repair work that was done while we were in Alaska. It was a rainy day in the valley and the mountains, and the eastern side of the mountains had snow. It is so interesting to see the desert with snow on it. The sagebrush makes it look so pretty.

After dropping the trailer, we headed south to Medford to fix a latch on Mike’s toolbox on the truck. While waiting there we checked out one of the boats this company makes. Pavati Wake Board Boats. These are extremely fast boats, that have wings in the back that unfold, which create such a good wake, the pros that use them don’t even need a rope to ride and be towed. They can literally hop on to the wake as it comes by the dock to get them. Add a row of speakers and it is a loud wild ride! Very cool.

We stopped for dinner and a view at Boones Ferry just outside of Portland. Yes, a relative of Daniel Boone had a ferry there. The ferry is gone but the view was nice. We spent the night in a hotel and in the morning, got a shuttle to the airport for our trip East!

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