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Yesterday we decided to forgo inside activities and go to Old Town for lunch. The train was packed with Girl Scouts and their dads. They were all wearing green shirts the said The Amazing Race 2013. Each troop started from a different station and collected and made things from the clues provided. When we returned on the train about 3:30 they were all just finishing up. Marshmallow guns, bracelets, and headbands filled the backpacks. It appeared to be a successful day of fun.

There is a Mexican restaurant in Old Town that has great food. Sea Bass ceviche with mango and empanadas with jalapeƱo cream sauce are our favorites. We make sure we didn't snort while we ate.

There were people in costumes doing a reenactment of something in the square. Dancers and the inevitable Mariachi band. A festive Sunday afternoon.

On the train home a group of men boarded wearing tams & kilts with t- shirts that read " real Irish men show their legs." Nothing like a group of drunken men in skirts with hairy legs as the finale to your day.

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