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pilgrim on the road, literarily, he lays down, walks as far as...


Jaisalmer fort

the palace in the fort

haveli in town

Michelle is grinding

the fort from a distance- picture this at the end of two...

the next door haveli

the current tenants at the next door haveli

India has the cutest kids

India also has plenty of happy looking cows planted in the middle...

Charlie is getting a haircut. It is cheaper than using my own...

tombs and windmills. Both look awesome.

The lake at Jaisalmer

Ready to ride

Krisztian in the Thar desert











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the attitude about wind farms in the US is often "not in...

Jaisalmer is on the edge of the Great Thar Desert. It has a great big fort on the top of the hill, which was the first sight that the caravans had after crossing the desert. It had to have been a great view. Same with the first lake after a few weeks on camel back. Besides of these the other mandatory tourist thing to do around is to go on a camel ride.

As our luck or unluck brought, it was the same period when we were there as a big Indian festival, "Holi". This has to be an awful lot of fun for all willing participant, however... It has all sort of components like Easter in Hungary. They paint eggs in Hungary for Easter, they paint fellow humans and anything else that moves (like cows, dogs or cars) in India for Holi. They drink at both places, albeit again in India they are more excessive about it. Then there is the pouring stuff on people -fragrant water on women in Hungary and buckets of dye that is very hard to get rid of (and at time toxic) on anyone in India. Anyway, for much of the holiday we were out in the desert for the camel ride. The ride itself was more comfortable and lot cheaper than in Morocco and at the night stop we did not see other groups (as oppose to Merzouga first night), however the sand dunes were nothing like the fabulous huge red sand dunes on the edge of the Sahara. Some contraversy errupted when in the morning Krisztian wanted to take a cow skull that he found back. One of the camel drivers was arguing long and hard with the organizor guy, but only the last sentence was in English: I am a brahmin and it cannot touch the blanket on my camel. So the skull came with us (just a question, would the soul of the cow not already moved on already? Anyway, picking up a cow skull in India is probably not the best idea ), but only as far as the car, because Shyam, who tended to cooperate with anything we wanted refused to let it either in or on the car.

We were stuck in Jaisalmer for much of the day, though. In theory the holiday is over by 2PM, but Shyam and the other drivers were reluctant to start on the drive too early. Also they asked us to stay in the hotel and they had to pay out bribes here and there to drunk people to save us from being stained. Whe at 3 we finally got on the road we only met one mob of drunk men who put rocks across the road and waited for tourist vehicles to pass. Then bribe or paint and stone shower on the car. So this is the sad part of holi- it is a fun festival for most but is a chance of taking liberties with foreigners for some.

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