Sunset Beach State Park, it was low tide

Another view

Sneaker wave warning, we see this a lot

Back on Cape Arago Hwy

A view of Cape Arago Lighthouse in the distance

Another view

Zoomed view

The waves are HUGE here

Look at the tree growning out of the rock

Zoomed view

Our next stop was Shore Acres State Park

The Observatory Building is now where the old Simpson Mansion use to...

What a view, the rocks are gigantic!!

Jerry spotted a Gray Whale but he went under before I got...

It was a long way down and the waves were huge

Another view


Look at the size of that wave

Another huge one

A walk through the woods to Simpson Beach

A beautiful sandy beach

Our next stop was Shore Acres Botanical Gardens

A beautiful garden, but not in bloom yet

Men were working all over the garden getting it ready

A beautiful place

We did find a few blooms :-)

A close view

Our next stop was Cape Arago

We saw every seal and sea lion listed here in the water...

They were way out, we had to use binoculars to see them

Ollie wanted to see too :-)

What a beautiful place!!

Deer eating on the side of the road

Another one behind the bush

On the way back we saw surfers at Sunset Beach, the tide...

They have to wear wet suits, the water is so cold

Back home, can you tell I have been feeding them? :-)

We have had a wonderful week at Winchester Bay. We will be leaving in the morning heading to Brookings, Oregon, about 4 miles from the California line. This will be the last journal post from the area.

We are pleased to report Jerry spotted one Gray Whale, we saw tons of seals and sea lions, we even had two Harbor seals in the bay in front of our campsite. I have also added a lot of new birds to my bird list, including the Rufous Hummingbird and Surf Scoters that look like Puffins. It has been a superb week for birding.

I would also like to thank our good friends, Gordon & Juanita Pierce, for recommending this awesome place to us. We met them while visiting Valdez, Alaska, last summer. They told us about a place they have been visiting for years on the Oregon Coast. We had never heard of Winchester Bay and greatly appreciate that tip. We will definitely be back whenever we are in the area.

I have added a lot of pictures to show you all the great places we visited while staying in Winchester Bay. We visited Shore Acres State Park yesterday. I have to tell you this is one of the most beautiful areas of the coast I have seen. It was once owned by a lumber baron, Louis J. Simpson. I can tell you this man had it made. :-) His mansion was located right where the Observatory Building is located now. The views are incredible. A short walk away was his own private beach, now called Simpson Beach.

A short walk from the beach is where his huge gardens are located. I have seen pictures showing the gardens in bloom and they were outstanding. They even decorate them at Christmas time and other holidays with a dazzling display of holiday lights. We visited at the wrong time, the blooms are just about to open and they were all working filling in the empty places etc. I can imagine how beautiful it is going to be when all the azaleas, roses and dahlias are blooming.

Today is cleaning and packing day. We are busy getting everything back in order for the road. Brookings will be our last stop in Oregon. We are planning to explore the state of California next. More later from Brookings.

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