Riding the wave

Three more getting ready

Two more to the right

Waiting for the wave

A good one

It is very rough today

Huge waves

This one had a good ride

Another view

Almost back to the sand

Last one!

We had a nice walk down the beach

A view of the jetty at the other end

Someone left a work of art :-)

Not sure what they were looking for

Looking out to sea from the top of the rocks

Looking back at the Chetco River

The Chetco River flows into the Pacific here

Looking at our campground from the jetty

We saw a seal swimming in the water

Another view

Last one!

A nice sand castle on the beach

This is just a quick note. We wanted to show you the surfers enjoying the Pacific in front of our campsite. What a view to have out of your windshield.

It has been raining most of the day. As soon as the sun came out, people were all over the beach. Some are whale watching and some are just enjoying the view. We are whale watching and hoping to get some pictures, but no luck yet. More later from Brookings.

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