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What a change of plans we went through. The best part of it is that we can do just that and no one gets hurt.

Originally when we got to Texas we had planned on following the Festivals that are going on during the month of April. We started back in March with the Azalea Festival in Tyler and after leaving Dallas we went south to Fredericksburg. We had planned on just staying there long enough to go to the Blue Bonnet Festival in Burnet (which we did) and then we planned on moving down to San Antonio for the big 10 day festival they have going on right now. As it turned out, we liked it so much in Fredericksburg that we just drove to San Antonio for the day with our friends. Good choice. I hear the festival in San Antonio is so crowded and campgrounds are hard to find. The real reason we wanted to go there was to see the parade that had all the things made at the Mardi Gras Shop. Remember the pictures I took there of the things they were just shipping to San Antonio? I heard that the parade is the second largest in the US with the Rose Bowl parade being #1. I would have thought that the Mardi Gras was bigger but we did find out that the Mardi Gras is held in several places all over the city and not just one big long parade so that explains it. Even Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is not as big.

Next we had planned on going to the small town of Muenster in North Texas for the Germanfest that is going on this week-end. We almost got there yesterday but for some reason Oklahoma and Arkansas started calling to us so when we got to Wichita Falls instead of turning east we kept on going north into Oklahoma. After spending over a month in Texas, it was time for a change. We then took the eastern route across Hwy 70. But first lets go back to Abilene.

The morning we left was sorta cloudy but we soon drove into clear skies and lots of sun. It was like someone had turned a switch and all of the trees has disappeared along with any type of a hill and most of the wildflowers. In fact, about all we saw was cattle and grain. You could see for miles and miles. When we got to Wichita Falls it was real easy getting around the city because it was Sunday. Not sure it would have been that easy if it had been a weekday. Wichita Falls looked like a nice clean city to us and if we ever have the chance to stop there sometime we will look forward to it. Not so this time though.

After hearing so much about the wildflowers in Texas, we were pleasantly surprised to find many in Oklahoma also. They were not the same as the ones in Texas but very pretty just the same. We also saw way more cattle in Oklahoma then we did in Texas. I am sure that it is because the ranches in Texas are so big that the cattle can be anywhere while in Oklahoma, they were right along side of the road and we could even have eye contact with them. In fact, when we stopped for the night that is exactly what we did. We stopped really early when the wind came up pretty strong. No sense in wasting gas when we were not in a hurry anyway. We stopped in Ardmore, OK. Which is just off of I-35. The first campground we tried was still under construction although they did have a spot for us. We weren't too happy with the looks of the unfinished road getting to it so we decided to go on to the KOA. Wish we had stayed at the first one. This was not our favorite KOA. The road was even rougher and just about everything fell out of the cupboards and fridge when I opened them up. I can handle that but not for the price that KOA's charge. The place is full of construction workers and also a lot of trailers that give meaning to the name "trailer trash". I would not recommend it to anyone. There is a State Park just about three miles away that I sure wish we had gone to instead.

Today we worked our way across the rest of Oklahoma and just before crossing into Arkansas we came to a casino. It had a nice big lot for us to pull into and have our lunch. We ate in the rv and then I took about 15 min. to play the slots. I cashed out $50.55 after putting in close to $20 so I got my money back two fold and got my casino fix for awhile..................

It has been about 5 years since we were last in Hot Springs, AR and it was a place that we really enjoyed so that was our destination today. We arrived here about 3:00 and found a great campground right on the lake. This makes up for the bad one last night and we have booked ourselves in for three nights.

Tomorrow we will go to the hot springs and take some pictures to show you so be sure to come back.....................We might even check out some of the Bill Clinton history. /I said might...................

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