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This is Iowa, and thats corn!

Corn, corn, and more corn!!

Big fields and farms here

Mack and Holly usually sleep while we are traveling

Clear Lake, Iowa is a one night stopover. We are just outside Mason City (if that helps) and 35 miles from Minnesota, in a state park.

Iowa sure has a lot of corn! Missouri and other states do too, of course, but Iowa is just solid corn, except for a few fields that have rotated to soybeans. I have read that corn is a highly profitable crop for farmers, but it is also one of the most thirsty crops. There is no irrigation here, so there is a big difference in the land. No more dry land; we are east of the Mississippi and the land is now naturally moist and no irrigation is needed. Therefore, there is no impediment to planting miles and miles of corn.

For the past few months Holly and Mack have been sleeping while we travel. When we started, they would always assume their lookout positions and stay awake. They must be more relaxed in the truck now because as soon as we start moving their eyes get droopy and off to la-la-land they go!

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