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The proof

Checking the proof for changes/corrections

My proof arrived in Barrie a few days before I did and after chasing around town I finally found it at the UPS depot. I should have ordered more than one copy because even after a week of proofing I know I've missed things. Martha, who spent several months in Roatan with her husband Doug came out to visit me in Barrie and she offered to proof for me, since she was a professional proofreader before retiring. So I made a round of corrections/revisions and this time ordered 3 proofs, one for me, one for Martha plus one extra.

Hopefully we can proof and correct and still order copies to arrive before I fly back to Roatan which is one week today so I'm a little stressed but better to get it right and wait a little longer I suppose.

I'd rather be writing than self publishing, it is no fun at all so let's hope after the first book I can find a publisher for the next one.

I am enjoying my visit with my family and getting to know Kendra and Jordana, my two grand daughters. I wish I could bottle some of this fresh, cool Canadian air to take back to Roatan with me because summer is steamy there!

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