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The coffee was finished and I was outside checking things over by 7:00 this morning.

I checked all the lug nuts and the air pressure in the tires while Marilyn made things ready inside the RV.

We were on the road at 7:40, feeling great and enjoying some cooler temperatures for a change.

At 8:45 we crossed the state line into Colorado, talking and listening to music.

It was 12:30 which was only 11:30 local time when we pulled into Mountaindale RV Resort.

I hope I haven’t bored you with the detail concerning times but some folks like to know the driving time from one point to another and in fact I often look back to a journal entry for a trip, when we are doing the same trip again, just to see how long it took.

The first person to greet us at Mountaindale was Jesse. Then it was Jackie, then Ken, Tony, David, Mary and Ginger.

We felt at home again for the first time since leaving Hannibal on June 19th.

We were set up and relaxed by the time our friends Steve & Cathy arrived.

We sorted and opened packages which were waiting for us.

It was almost like Christmas for us as we opened the different boxes.

So many gifts and special things from friends as well as from our daughter, Jennifer.

We can only say a humble “Thank You” to those special friends who sent packages here for us.

Our daughter knows how much we love her. She sent some personal surprises in a box for us. Wonderful things which made us smile and brought tears of joy also.

Your kindness was overwhelming and will never be forgotten.

Jesse & Ginger sat outdoors with us for awhile, then later, Steve & Cathy did the same.

Tony & Jackie had us over to their place for cocktails and a delicious dinner, South African style. Yummy!

It was after 8:00 by the time we headed back to our own little cabin on wheels.

We are still sorting things out and have a lot to do but we feel relaxed and comfortable here at our summer home in Colorado.

There was so much more to our day, from the deer sipping water and totally unafraid, only a few yards away from where we sat. Then the small finch which had been injured and stayed quiet in Tony’s hand for a long time, then in Marilyn’s as she whispered quietly to the tiny creature. She final sat him in the grass of a heavily wooded area, where he would be safe.

Family, friends, thoughtful gifts, a delicious meal and the laughter of good people, mixed with many hugs and smiles.

It is great to be home in the mountains again!

Life is Good!

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