Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

Musician at The Pink Store, Las Palomas, Mexico

Gift Shop at The Pink Store

Visitor Center, Pancho Villa State Park, Columbus, NM

World War I tank, Pancho Villa State Park

Historical Museum, Columbus

Three Sisters Mountain, between Deming and Columbus


This morning about a dozen of us drove to Las Palomas, Mexico for lunch at The Pink Store. Every Tuesday is LoW-Hi Ranch day there -- as it has been for several years. The food was very good and the atmosphere and d├ęcor were outstanding. They have a very large gift shop with jewelry, pottery, silver, clothing, accessories -- you name it. I bought a pair of small lime green earrings in triangular silver mountings.

On the way back to Deming, we stopped in Columbus, New Mexico to visit the Pancho Villa State Park, which is 35 miles south of Deming. The park commemorates the attack on Columbus on March 9, 1916, by the revolutionary Francisco "Pancho" Villa and his troops. A small garrison of U.S. troops at Camp Furlong defended the town. President Wilson sent General John "Black Jack" Pershing on a "punitive expedition" in search of Pancho Villa but they never found him. Ruins of Camp Furlong include the adobe judge advocate's office, a jail and Lieutenant Lucas' quarters, as well as the camp's airstrip. It was used by the Army's First Aero Squadron, which consisted of eight biplanes -- JN-3 Curtiss Jenny. The JN-3 was the first airplane purchased by the military for combat use. The visitor center has on display a replica of the JN-3, as well other artifacts, photographs and exhibits.

In another small building in the park we saw the new traveling Smithsonian Exhibition called "Between Fences" which explores how fences and boundaries separate people and bring them together. It includes several kiosks that illustrate the use of fences in American history and society.

Between Columbus and Deming, we had to stop at the border patrol's check station. One of the young border guards looked inside our car and said, "This car has trouble written all over it."

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