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In the Caribbean cruise ships often have a day on their itineraries devoted to a stop on a beach. The crew hauls lunch off the ship, brings towels and musicians and a fun day is had by all unless the weather does not cooperate. Over the years these stops have grown more and more elaborate. The ship companies often lease a speck of land from the Bahamas or Haiti, to insure that conditions are uniformly lovely and the money they invest on infrastructure is cash well spent. Over the years we have watched Royal Caribbean make Coco Cay, located on a speck of land 55 miles north of Nassau, more and more amazing. Last time we were here, we still had to tender ashore, always a pain in the neck, but now the pier is finished along with a water park rivaling anything you might see with the name of Disney on it. They named the place: The Perfect Day. No pressure there. It was easy to see why it all cost $250 million. Perfection does not come cheap.

Many of the features, especially the water park, cost extra to visit, but it would have been easy for us to spend a perfect day there without spending an additional dime. However, we did spend an additional dime to stay in a special spot that had an infinity fresh water pool and also faced the sea. The beach chairs had extra cushy towels and umbrellas and the best part of it all was the lunch. Rather than standing in line to get hamburgers and salad as most folks did, we were waited on and brought lobsters - my favorite food. The water both in the pool and in the sea was a bit nippy, even for someone who has been known to plunge into Lake Michigan occasionally. The powdery sand was swept clean and flowers bloomed everywhere. Near our special spot, large groups had booked cabanas that perched over the water and delivery men on bikes kept them well supplied with food and drink. Even though 6,000 of us descended on Coco Cay today, there were plenty of places to plop down on a lawn chair under an umbrella and things never felt crowded. People played beach volleyball and went snorkeling from the shore. Tomorrow another ship from the RCL fleet will be having a perfect day.

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