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Our City Transport

Although Viv Fancied Hiring One Of These?

The Cathedral

Better View Of Whole Thing

Inside Photo (I took this before they asked for a Euro)

The City Hall

Wedding Party On Steps Of City Hall

Xmas Market Entrance

Looking Over The Market


Main Entrance By Night

Three Toed Sloths

Gingerbread Giant


Roundabout, Not For Me

What On Earth?

So Many Ducks!

Herbs Stall

Food Stall

More Food

Even More


No You Can’t Buy Any

Temporary Inn



Back Of The Cathedral

More Chocolate, Looking Only



Curling Rink

Day 13 - Friday 22nd November

Good job we got here early yesterday, the site filled up during the day but by nighttime today it was packed with motorhomes with two per pitch & a site closed sign at the gate.

A man came round early in the morning & collected the €34 for the two nights. He also told us about the buses that run into the city & how to pay for tickets which would save us a mile & a quarter walk each way. We had decided that we would go into the city for a look round in the morning, go back to the motorhome for a few hours & then go back into the city after dark to see the market properly.

The nearest bus stop was about a quarter mile away so after coffee we headed off on our morning trip. The buses were very regular & we didn’t have to wait long. Two one day tickets cost just €5.60 so that would cover us for both trips today. We dropped off in the city centre & went straight to the information office for a map & some suggestions as to what to see. The main sites were in the old part of the city in the centre so it was just a case of strolling around the nearby streets.

We headed first to the Cathedral apparently famous as the resting place of the remains of Charlemagne & now an important pilgrimage location once every seven years. Now we are going to have to read up about him to find out what it is all about. It’s a different cathedral to many we have been in. We had to wait till after 12.30 to go in for a look round as there was a service in the morning. Cheeky perishes wanted €1 to take photos inside.

There were other fine old buildings around and the Xmas market stalls were all set up & open in the main square & all the open around it & the cathedral. Literally hundreds of stalls selling mostly fancy trinkets & goods with a great many food & drink stalls. We got mixed up with a wedding group at the City Hall where they were being married but managed to disentangle ourselves & carry on our city walk.

After visiting the cathedral we headed back on the bus to our site for a rest until it got dark. Then at 5o/c we set off to catch the bus back into the city for our visit to see the market by night. It was packed with people, most of them crowded round drink or food stalls. We just wandered around amongst the stalls admiring all the wares on offer. Everybody seemed to be in good spirits especially around the Gluwien stalls clutching their mugs.

We did sample some potato pancakes & a curry bratwurst at a stall a bit away from the main crowd. Very nice but not as good as fish & chips. There were too many people for us so once we had walked round all the stalls & eaten our bratwurst we made for the bus stop & wended our weary way back to our motorhome for our last night in Germany.

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