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Springdale is set right in the canyon

Canyon walls tower over our motel

The sun is coming

We watched the shadows move down the canyon wall


The Virgin River

Such a steep canyon!

Naturally we ignored this sign - as did every other tourist in...

Cold water!

Walking sticks lined up against the canyon wall

Other brave souls setting out

The canyon walls were really steep and close

This is our "trail"

Sandi testing those slippery rocks

In the event of a flash flood, we will NOT be scaling...

The Narrows

The Narrows

Dumping the water out of our shoes!

The deer were curious about us

We saw 7 deer, 1 turkey, 1 lizard and a handful of...

Springdale, UT The Narrows is the narrowest section of Zion Canyon. It is on the North Fork of the Virgin River. This year has seen a lot of rain and snow melt so the Narrows was opened for the year only 1½ weeks ago. This gorge, with walls 1000' tall and the river sometimes just 20 to 30’ wide, is one of the most popular areas in Zion. Because it is so popular, we knew we had to get there early. Cars are not allowed in Zion Canyon so we tried to catch the first shuttle at 6 am. We were not alone in our aspirations, but we did manage to get onto the 2nd shuttle – standing room only. We hiked about a mile from the Temple of Sinawava to the end of Riverside Walk. The trail from then on is basically the Virgin River. The canyon is so narrow, the river covers the bottom in most spots, which means one has to wade or swim to proceed. The cool (cold) water makes this hike particularly pleasant during the hot months of summer but not so much when one is trying to hike it before the sun has risen. We bravely but timidly stepped into the rushing river. We were cautious because we saw 2 other people slip and fall, getting quite wet. Some describe hiking the Narrows as like walking on bowling balls covered in Vaseline. The rocks will roll under one’s feet and the current is especially strong in places which does not help with balance. Nonetheless, we persevered and finally conquered the Narrows – at least as far as we could - until the water became too deep. We were not up for swimming, especially since we had cameras with us. We caused some amusement, however, on the return trip. Since our hiking shoes were totally soaked (we poured water out of them), we walked along in our socks while trying to dry our shoes.

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