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We woke to another clear sunny and hot day. Our view was over the harbour and across to a number of islands off the coast. A Ferris was in port and ready to depart.

We got ready and headed down for breakfast. Again a sumptuous feast! J was pleased at the selection of spoon sweets. The coffee was hot which made a change from the lukewarm coffee at the previous place.

As is quite common, checkout is an early 12 midday! So we went out for a walk around the harbour. At 9:30 it was already quite hot. Some people were fishing off the rocks, some waiting for a ferry,others getting shops open and produce in for the day.

We checked out and waited in the lobby and at 10:50 loaded into the shuttle bus for the airport. No aircon, so it was stifling until we got moving. It was an interesting drive down the coast through residential areas, shops, beach areas ( with hundreds of umbrellas and deck Chairs!) and in 20 mins we were at the airport.


Its a big airport, but not difficult to navigate. Helpful staff. The gate hadn’t been announced so we had lunch (tiropita, freddo capps) - the young sales assistant seemed slightly puzzled at our choice and asked if we had been there before - maybe new arrivals don’t know any Greek, and don’t know what a freddo capp is.

Not a long wait then we were on the bus! A bus you ask? The small regional aircraft are way out on the tarmac, so passengers are ferried out in buses.

We could hear many Aussie accents!

Minutes later we were on our way - a tray of sweets offered around -not sure if there is a reason, but it is the norm on the small planes . As I write this C is in the shower and the local priest is going berserk with the church bell. Almost as if to say to people “get a #&$@%! Move on!

A glass of water and a sesame bar was served as we flew down the east coast of the Pelopponese. And then Kythera was in sight. A simple straight in landing and were greeted by friends K and V from Sydney. The helped with the car rental (as much to ensure the owner was on notice not to mess with us!)

We got a Kia Picanto - quite small but the bonus was it was automatic - one less thing to have to think about when avoiding maniac locals and uncertain tourists.

The took us to a little cafe in Aroniadika where we had frappes and some food and a long chat.

About 6 we thought we should go to our hotel at Agia Pelagia in case the owner decided we weren’t coming and rented our rooms. By the way, AP is the place where the young people left the island by ship looking for opportunity, many never to return and/or see their families.

We found the hotel and J walked down to check in. A familiar voice from on high (ie a 1st floor balcony) said “ where do you think you are going?” It was cousin Kerryne. They had arrived a day early !

After setting in we walked to the beach and selected a restaurant for some tea. A limited “traditional” menu, but we still managed to have a nice meal - salad, pork in wine, fries, and a tomato “omelette “. The interaction between K and the waitress was hilarious. But she was impressed that we were half Greek - J said there were 1 1/2 Greeks at the table!

Then off to bed - aircon not working so J& C sweltered.

Footnote- J had controller set on fan, instead of cool!

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