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Ox cart to the boat

On the boat

Fishing boat

Limpet on the rocks


Walking fish (hard to see)

On the beach

Our first Boabab


Sunset over the Indian Ocean

Up at 3:30 and there were no lights – as we were warned. We got packed up anyway and met folks at the van. A box breakfast. We headed off into the night going south.

Just about sunrise Bruno pulled the van over and set up a breakfast table. It was really chilly and Kitty and I were the only ones without jackets. And there was no tea! But as the sun came up we saw a huge baobab tree off near some hills. We ate what we could then took pictures, then went over to the tree to take even more pictures. Magnificent tree – about 800 years old.

Back on the road again as we had to meet a boat. The land got much flatter and the soil changed. Houses got much smaller as well. There were frequent baobabs as well as other quite different trees.

We eventually got to Anakoa and the streets were crowded with rickshaws – bicycle mostly and hand pulled freight carts – as well as the occasional zebu cart. We got to the dock and waited at a restaurant with a very large mud flat stretching out to our boat. After a bit zebu carts pulled up and off we went – zebuing out to the boat. The water was up to the zebu’s stomach when we finally reached the boat.

I dropped the camera onto the floor of the boat and it stopped working! Tool some pictures with the phone and Kitty took a lot as well. We were about an hour on the boat and there must have been 500 or more outriggers spread along the bay – some with nets, some spearfishing. All with patchwork sails.

We landed at our lodge and had to tread through water so my sandals got soaked. Very pretty beach and hotel, and a nice restaurant. We were assigned rooms and we got one without any plugs, so we had to recharge things at the bar.

We went to our room and changed into a bathing suit and went down to the water. My feet again messed me up so I was walking on gravel all the time. We went over to a rock outcropping and saw some weird fish/lizards climbing on rocks and hiding in the water – walking fish. Quite odd. There was also something that looked like a trilobite that seemed to be embedded in the rock – but when we went back it was gone! Probably a limpet species.

Back at the lodge I played around with the camera and got it working again! No idea what was wrong with it bot it is again functional.

We relaxed most of the day, had a nice dinner at the restaurant, then on the way to bed we came across a very large hermit crab – and there were lots of hermit crab tracks all over the compound.

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