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campfire at our "home"







We were at our campground in Florida October, November, and January - March. It is beautifully landscaped and well cared for, but overall I was surprised that I didn't see more things in bloom. This has certainly been remedied by our stop in this area where we are visiting my sister and her family. There's a nice campground on a lake about a fifteen minute drive from her home. It makes us feel like we are her neighbors while we are here. We're glad to still be living in our "home" while we are here and not impose on her 24/7. It is always a challenge to cram the last six months of news and developments into a brief visit, but we do our best. Lots of yakking was leavened by the shenanigans of her daughter's young family. The boys have grown so much since the last time we saw them and enjoyed a bit of drone flying at our campground until the batteries gave up.

It's sad to say goodbye and let my sister go back to work, but we laid some plans for our next rendezvous which may occur on our real home turf.

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