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June 17, Sunday Happy Fathers Day

Stockholm Sweden

The first thing you notice is the buildings have ally ways between them rather than the solid lines of buildings in Russia and Estonia.

Stockholm is built on s series of islands and the name means log island.

We passed the corner where the bank that was held captive for six day was and produced the term Stockholm syndrome The famous Patty Hearst defense.

They have a royal family in Sweden and the eldest daughter Victoria is in line to be queen. There was a ruckus when she fell in love with her personal trainer who was a commoner. They were given permissions to marry and now have two children. A happy fairy tale ending.

The last time the Olympics were in Sweden was 1912. The rowing club house is the only building left.

There is a special building the Nobel prize organization operates from and where the Nobel prize banquet is held. Nobel was Swedish and invented dynamite. He had no children donated his wealth to fund the organization.

The large city park was once a vegetable garden for the palace.

The American embassy looks like a prison, gray and dirty. Most of the others were grand and well kept. On embassy row there was a house for sale. A fixer upper for 15 million.

They have the same alphabet as the US with the addition of three letters with pronunciation dots and marks.

The Lutheran church has the highest amount of parishioners. At a some point the king took over the Catholic Church and all their wealth and removed the arch bishop.

Grona Land is an old amusement park which also contains the ABBA museum. Across the street is a very large building where the circus preformed. It is now a concert hall.

There was a war ship build in the 1700’s that had all the modern technology of the era. When it was launched it tipped and sank. 300 years later they brought it up and it is on display at the Vasa museum.

I did not see any Swedish meatballs!

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