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Carpe Diem at the Van Wert Wal*Mart

Classic Goodyear Tire HQ in Akron

Federal 30 in centrail Ohio

Sun, 17 June: Happy Father's Day to all Dads...

It was a hot one overnite and it never did cool down to comfy sleeping temps. We ran all the fans we could but fans don't do squat about humidity. We didn't have much restful sleep but we did get some shuteye.

We were up before seven and had a quick breakfast. We got things ready for the road and Sandi released the parking brake at 0815. It was a quick drive to get back on I 76, and we headed west thru Akron. Even on a Sunday morning it was a bit of a hassle getting thru town owing to the construction that reduced lane width and the horrible road conditions.

Once west of Akron things got better and we were soon on I 71 and took it south for a few miles to intersect with Federal (U.S.) Route 30. West on 30 took us thru some beautiful country in central Ohio. Traffic was, for the most part, light and we made good time. Driving duties changed roughly half way and Bob took the helm.

We stopped at the Beaverdam OH Flying J to top up our diesel tank. Yeah, we just filled yesterday but this will be the least expensive diesel we'll see for many a mile as both Indiana anfd Michigan are anywhere from 20¢ to 35¢ a gallon more than in Ohio. With our Flying J loyalty card we paid only $3.119/gallon.

Back on US 30 west another 35 miles to Van Wert where we found a space in the Wal*Mart parking lot. Within minutes of our 1215 arrival dear friend Kevin Wholever pulled up for a pre-arranged rendezvous. He was heading home from Toledo and arranged to intersect our track so we could have lunch and a visit. It was, as always, great to spend time with Kevin. Alas, his beautiful bride, Barb, couldn't be with him.

Kevin is now on his way home and we're sitting here with the generator and air conditioning struggling. It is currently 97°F in the parking lot and we don't care how much diesel the generator burns, we demand our a/c.

Maintenance issue Du Jour... The step is acting up again. We'd hoped to make it to the Davila's place to change the motor. Sandi will lube the step later, give it a few good kicks, and hope it'll retract. Then we'll pull the plug and leave it retracted till we get to Saginaw later in the week.

Today's run was an easy 187 miles at 8⅓ mpg.

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