Summer 2018--Part I: Sightseeing and Culture travel blog

Smoky haze seen from the Woods Canyon Overlook on the Mogollon Rim

Mesa to Holbrook

Day 1: Sunday-- May 27, 2018

We planned to leave early to beat the heat—we hooked up on Saturday and had a few household tasks to perform Sunday morning: bypass on the water softener; turn-off power to the electric water heater and set the hot water to come from the solar tank; turn off the water and remove the filters from the reverse osmosis water unit. Maryann transferred the last of the food items to the trailer refrigerator and Brian brought the basket with last of the various personal items that we used that morning.

We were up early around 5 am; completed the tasks, had breakfast and were ready to leave by 6:45 am. We stopped at the Post Office to pickup mail (we didn’t get the mail Saturday) and stopped at church for mass. Our friends saw and commented on our rig.

We departed the church parking lot at 8:50 am and drove 170 miles on SR 260, arriving in Holbrook at the OK RV Park at 12:15 pm. It was a pleasant drive—the new truck handled the steep climbs with ease. Traffic was moderate most of the way, although it was heavy in some areas.

When we started there was a smoky haze that was aggravating Brian’s breathing (otherwise it was clear with a light breeze from the southeast and temps in the 70s and low 80s). We left the haze when we climbed the Mogollon Rim east of Payson. At the top of the rim we stopped at the Woods Canyon Overlook Visitor Center; Maryann took some pictures from the viewpoint while Brian used the restroom.

We were setup thirty minutes after we arrived. After lunch Brian discovered that the power strip used for his computer stuff wasn’t working so we drove to a Tractor Supply store near the RV Park and purchased a new one so he could download pictures, work on the journal, check e-mails (and play some computer games).

Tomorrow we head East on I-40; our next stop will be an overnight at Grant’s NM (205 miles). We lose an hour when we cross the border

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