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Breakfast of Champions!! Looks like we will be doing a cinnamon roll...

This would be our last view of the Oregon Coast, we turned...

The road less traveled . . . I am sure the road...

If pictures had sound you could enjoy the sound of the babbling...

We all reached our next campground early in the day, Iwik is...

We are welcomed by the office! This has to be the most...

Settled in and ready for the evening! Comfy because we are warm...

Our dinner house!!

One thing about this trip, you just never know how your day is going to go, where you will end up or what the road will be like that gets you there!! That's why its called an adventure!

As we have all come to expect the morning was gray and .. .cool. Not cold really but just a nice coolness so we could put on jackets and ride comfortably. It is best if the weather is one or the other, cool enough for a jacket or warm enough without.

Our first stop was just around the corner at Megpies Cafe for breakfast. Looks like we are back on the trail of and searching for the Best Cinnamon Roll a Trip Across America can offer!! To increase the rating of this morning's first contender to #1 right off the bat, we were promised it would be coming out of the oven in 10-15 minutes!! Perfect, they would be ready by the time we finished our egg breakfast and just in time for the second cup of coffee! (I didn't share last night's story about waiting for prime rib . . . And that didn't turn out so well, but what could go wrong with a cinnamon roll right out of the oven???) We finished our perfectly cooked fried eggs and toast, and me my coffee and waited, and waited . . . Until finally she confessed that they in fact were not ready but she could heat up one of yesterdays rolls! That worked for us, time to get on the road! It was not a disappointment this time!! It was ENORMOUS as the photo confirms! More than enough for 2 of us! Be sure and stop in at Megpies Cafe when you are in Pacific City Oregon and tell them we sent you! And yes we will keep searching just in case there might be something better out there!!

Off we went, quite content and not overly stuffed. We knew we would be finishing up our travel along the coast already! I thought it would take much longer and be way more difficult! Now would be a good time to confirm that I am over my jitters about the trip. I had myself in such a fuss with worry about hills, traffic, no civilization or places to stay! Really, just had too much time in the car on the way to Portland to overthink it all. Well it has been amazing! We have taken it nice and slow and its been great! Mike is doing really well and suffering no discomfort in his side at all! He gets his legs attend to by yours truly each night to ensure he does not get leg cramps or sore muscles! Lucky boy! It has really been incredible and already we have met so many lovely people along the way!

The traffic this morning was pretty good to us, we had to ride along 101 for a short way but the road was nice and wide, generous shoulders as we climbed up for our last look at the Oregon Coast from the viewpoint. All down hill form there until we reached our turn off that would take us into the interior of Oregon!

Funny story . . . Found the turn, took a picture just because it was the last place on the coast, followed a not so well maintained road a short way while Mike kept noticing we were following the highway next to us that we just turned off only going back the way we came! He was right (again!) As soon as we got to it again, I remembered reading in the addendum for the maps, there was an error and we were supposed to take the second turn to the left!!! At least we didn't go 20 miles out of our way at the end of a long day!!!

As soon as we turned onto the correct road . . .we entered what I would call perfection! The road I am sure was made from silk, it was so smooth! The peace and quiet was exactly what we had been waiting for! It wasn't just momentary peace between a passing car, it was isolated, lush forest babbling brook peace and quiet. For most of the way I could count the number of passing cars on one hand and have fingers left over! It was wonderful. Starting out on the coast we had on leg tights, wool shirts and jackets to keep warm! As soon as we turned in the first mile we lost the leg tights! The second mile the sweaters came off and before mile 3 we had to stop for sunblock! I think our days of whining about the fog are behind us!

It was just the most delightful day! We both agree we have a different attitude this time and are not hesitant to stop and smell the roses, or listen to the ocean or just look at the view because we can! We are riding at a good pace and getting ourselves in a routine, oh and having fun!

Ah . . .but as they say all good things come to an end. In this case a screeching halt as we reached our proposed destination of Rose Lodge. We knew there was a campground waiting here for us, it is so much warmer and drier we are quite happy to get the tents set up! As we arrived we did think perhaps we were capable of going a bit further but when we actually reached the end of our road through paradise, we came face to face with "weekend Mother's Day its going to be 80 degrees this weekend" traffic!! Ugly, noisy speeding traffic! There is a good climb ahead of us and we said, forget this! Let's stop here and enjoy the day and leave very early in the morning before the traffic gets too heavy. So we did and we will!

Salmon River Evergreen RV Park . . .once again we have had to drop judgement! I spoke to Lisa on the phone this morning and she was so inviting assuring us there would be a spot for us, no reservations needed! The road appeal of this little spot is maybe not the best, but the hospitality and kindness is so genuine and plentiful! Fred got us all settled in, with a great spot! Let us wash our clothes in the "resident's only" washing machine, loaned us an extension cord so we could plug in for electricity and of course filled us in on all the local goings on! Then we find out they have WiFi!!! And firewood! I thought the firewood was free, its not but it might as well be it is so cheap!

He directed us down the road to the local pub for dinner. The food was awesome, cheap and the atmosphere was once again so genuine and welcoming! Our campsite is $10 and our dinner was 1/2 of what we have been paying! So good! This is what makes it an adventure!

As I finish up this daily journal we are relaxed by the fireside waiting for the day to end, well really we are waiting for it to get dark so we can crawl into our sleeping bags!

Let's see what tomorrow will bring! Goodnight everyone and thanks to all for your words of encouragement!!

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