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Mile Marker 0

Peace River and Valley

Black Bear

Peace River 2

Baby Moose

Bighorn Sheep

Northern Rockies

The view out our back door

Beaver Dam and Den

Beaver Den


Started out in Dawson Creek BC which is the start of the Alaskan HIghway, Alcan Highway. I always assumed that the highway was built so RVs could get to Alaska, but as it turns out, there was another reason.

The highway was built in 1942 as a military supply line that was vital to the war effort. It took 11000 troops and 16000 civilians to build the 1523 mile highway and it was done in 9 months. There were 133 bridges and 8000 culverts, and believe me it is not built in flatlands. A good part of what we have been on so far in 400 miles, runs right through the Northern Rockies. It is pretty much all paved now but the farther north we get, the rougher the roads get. All the trucks ride on chains in the winter so you can imagine what it does to the pavement.

We traveled about 450 miles yesterday and had a great drive. The views were again exceptional and we saw a pretty good amount of wildlife. Black bear, small moose, beaver, mule deer, and bighorn sheep. Not bad for one day on the road.

We are spending a couple nights at Toad River RV Resort. Its our best RV stop so far. We are backed up to a beaver dam and den, so we sat and watched them work all day. Across the pond, two moose came up to get a drink. A large cow and her calf. I didn't have uy camera ready but we will have other chances.

We have a short drive to Liard River tomorrow and will spend the day at the hot springs. Should be a fun and very relaxing day.

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