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Lamboghini Diablo

License plate...

Maniac ped crossings

Mt. Eden crater

Last look on Auckland

Birds up front

Look out on the river / sea

Michella from Holland

View from the beach at Cathedral Cove

Sneak shot... I'm on the blue towel (ha ha)

Nice cliff

The Cathedral


This is the sand, believe it or not. Looks like jewels

Algaes on rock

Postcard photo - the real thing


Yes I know it's a tiny waterfall, but it IS a waterfall...

Pretty nice

Mountains in the background


Another flower shot (sorry guys)

The river crossing take about 1 min.

Whitianga waterfront

View from Hot Water Beach

Jamie and Lilly

Dark weather but very scenic

Ready to dig!

The crowd is digging but the surf is not helping...

Cooking my feet

The three guys from The Netherlands

Taking a walk

It's moving...

Water over rocks

It's a tunnel!

Finnaly out again after about 1 km in almost darkness

I could'nt stop myself from playing around with the camera

Aliens !

Anyway, leftovers from the old buildings

Pretty nice if you ask me

Matamata or ...

Hi and welcome back.

Time for some action! Just look at the first photo - yes - it's a real Lamborghini Diablo, possibly an old one, but it's the real thing nonetheless. People in Auckland really care about what car they drive and most young people drive a performance car of some sort and they do burners on Queen street almost every night.. The sound from the turbo-vents can never be too loud...

Anyway, to the story.

I left Auckland on Saturday to go to Whitianga [Fi-ti-anga]. It's a small town on the tip of the Coromandel Peninsula and the town has a lot more hours sunshine than Auckland and gorgeous beaches. On the way the Kiwi Experience bus stopped at Cathedral Cove and that place was definitely worth a few pictures. It's a small hike about 30-45 min to the caves, and the beach at the bottom is just great. The water is not exactly warm, but it's okay. Around 16-18 degrees I think. There's a huge hole in one of the cliffs and that's why it's called Cathedral Cove.

After we all had soaked up the sun we drove further on to Whitianga.

I stayed at a brand new hostel, The Turtle Cove, and everything was just perfect. Very nice kitchen and comfy beds. The owner Sara and Jamie was very hospitable, and their dog Lilly was very energetic.

On Sunday I took the ferry across the river wild and went to another nice beach and had an ice cream :-)

Lovely day.

Yesterday I wanted to go to Hot Water Beach, which is THE spot in this part of New Zealand, but no bus could take me.. Shit I thought, but then the manager said he would drive me there (it's 30 min with a speeding Kiwi driver) give Lilly some exercise and drive me back again!! He saved the day, and we all three had a great time on the beach. Now, this is no ordinary beach... It has thermal activity coming out from under the sand, and at low tide you can dig a hole with boiling water and mix it with cold seawater and enjoy a natural spa right on the beach. Unfortunately the surf was quite high and brutal that day, so we mostly just stood in the shallow water a cooked out feet. Of course we tried to dig a hole faster that the sea could fill it with water, but even with the help of three nice dutch guys, we had to give up. But still, in the water it looks absolutely crazy with bubble and sand being pushed up like a geyser. Very very cool experience (quite warm actually) ;-)

Now I'm in Rotorua, the worst smelling city in New Zealand, on the way we stopped for a walk at an old railway crossing, and went in a 1 km long tunnel. It was pouring down so we were lucky. Very nice spot.

A new update will come in a very short time.

So check back soon!


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