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Alice at Kensington Gardens

The Serpentine


Peter Pan

Lots and lots of pigeons

Pancreas Station

Eurostar - 297 kph = about 185 mph

A street of Paris


Across from the hotel - CLOWNS!

We slept a bit late and I went down for breakfast. Order the English breakfast but by an hour later they still hadn’t come to take my order so I asked for my money back – which they did with profuse apologies. Nice folks and a nice hotel really, just a mistake.

Went back and with only a couple of complaints we headed out o Kensington Park. It was cool and windy but no rain. Wandered into the park to Prince Charles’ garden then walked along the Serpentine a bit. Came upon a flock of lorikeets that some folks were feeding – they got on you with no problem looking for food. One hopped on Alice’s head! There were also squirrels and lots and lots of pigeons – I think the pigeons were pisses at the lorikeets for taking away their food!

On a bit and came across a statue of Peter Pan then wandered around some more before finally leaving the park and heading back to the hotel. We packed our stuff and went to the lobby and had them call a cab which took us directly to the train station.

At Pancras station we were helped by a very nice clerk and got our tickets, then a snack and off to the Eurostar for the train ride to the continent. The whole trip only took about three hours – and we got up quite a bit of speed. Would be nice to have this sort of train in the US.

Once at Gare du Nord in Paris we joined the long line waiting for a taxi – it went by quickly and the only excitement was some guy yelling and threatening some other guy for some reason. We finally got our cab and headed through the really busy streets to our hotel – The Pulitzer. A very nice grand hotel with a TV commercial being filmed in the bar. Our room is tiny with twin beds – hardly room to open the suitcases – but it’s still nice.

We then took a walk to find some dinner. About a block away there was a walking street that we went down and back, then settled on a small bistro on the corner. We got an appetizer of escargot which wasn’t too bad – then Alice had a cheeseburger and I had baked chicken. We stopped in a very old fashioned candy shop afterwards for an ice cream cone, then back to the hotel.

Tomorrow a walking tour and a visit to the Eiffel Tower. We’ll be downtown from 11:00 until 5:00 at least!

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