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Carpe Diem at Westminster CO Elks Lodge

Morning view of downtown Walsenburg

Downtown Denver

I 25 north to I 70 west

Approaching Westminster Elks Lodge

We had some snow at the Elks Lodge

Snowing on the Elk's Lodge Elk

"Eskimo Bob" braves the elements during a trash run

Tue, 16 May: An easy drove down to Denver...

Yes, down! We were at almost 7,000' boondocking at Walsenburg and Denver is only a "mile high". So, despite a number of ups and downs during today's drive the end result is that we're at a lower altitude than we started. Funny world this!

We had a mostly restful nite with the exception of a local train that went by at 0230 and hooted at the crossing not too far from where we were parked. Other than that it was uneventful. It got cool during the nite, dropping into the forties. We tossed an extra blanket on the bed and that, combined with some most welcome snogging, kept us nice and toasty.

We were up a bit after six, got ourselves fed and things ready for the road. Since Carpe Dinkum was still hooked up it was simply a matter of checking the lites and brakes. Bob had to do the outside work as Sandi saw two stray dogs and refused to leave the coach. Her fear of dogs is real!

Sandi rolled wheels at 0820. We headed east on US 160 thru Walsenburg to I 25 BL. North on the loop a few miles till it connected with I 25 and then north 160-some miles. We swapped drivers at a convenient rest stop and Bob had the "honor" of driving thru Colorado Springs and into Denver itself. Traffic in Denver was heavy but mostly moved apace. We exited to I 70 west a few miles to Federal Way and then local streets to the Westminster Elks Lodge. We pulled into the Lodge parking lot at 1150.

The Lodge is pretty full. We were offered, and accepted, a 30 ampere dry camping site in the lower parking area. We dumped our holding tanks and topped up our fresh water before parking so we're good for at least a week or more. Julie, the ever-friendly camp host thinks some of the other sites might open up later in the week, so we may relocate, or maybe we'll stay put. Our plans are to stay here for ten nites thru Memorial Day.

Today's drive was 171 miles with an overall fuel economy of better than 8⅞ mpg. Very impressive given I 25's ups and downs.

As stated, we're planning to stay thru the end of the month. We expect to meet with several friends and Bob is looking forward to attending a stamp show next week. Stay tuned...

Sun, 28 May: Happy Birthday to Sis Sue and Bro Mickey...

It has been a remarkably uneventful stay at the Westminster CO Elks Lodge. We accomplished a great deal paperwork-wise, but didn't leave the coach all that much, at least the first week.

Once we got settled into our 30 amp spot we realized that the voltage was very low. Anytime we draw more than 15 amps the voltage would drop to 100v and our power protector would trip off. We told Julie, the camp host, about our problem and she moved us to a 50 amp site on the wall. No further problems...

Wednesday, 17 May, we met George and Elva Montano for dinner. The Montanos are leaseholders at RoVer's Roost and they told us we'd be in a world of hurt if we were in Denver and didn't visit with them. Not wanting to be in a world of hurt we gave them a call and drove to their home. We visited for a bit and then off to dinner at Rib City, a great BBQ place. Yummy!

Tuesday we moved Carpe Diem up the hill to a full service spot to dump our holding tanks and top up our potable water tank. The check valve in the fresh water fill failed and wouldn't allow water to flow. No way to fill the tank! Digging thru our plumbing parts bin we found, lo and behold, a replacement check valve. Five minutes to replace and we were back in business.

Shortly after our arrival Denver experienced a spring snow that left several of the western "burbs" with a foot or more of the white stuff. They predicted snow in the city, but we only got flurries and a "dusting". It was, however, a tad chillier than we like. Down to the low thirties overnite and several days never got warmer than mid fifties. But, it sure beats triple digit temps in Casa Grande!

Bob drove to the east side of town (near the airport) Thursday thru Sunday to attend the Rocky Mountain Stamp Show. He's a "muckity-muck" with several groups so he kept himself busy. Sandi, stuck at "home" with no wheels, busied herself with fits of cleaning but mostly chilled...

We'll be pulling out Monday (Memorial Day) so our time is getting short.

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