Heading northwards and back again travel blog

Now one knows you are back in the territory!!

Tom and his horse

Singing horse breaker, Tom Curtain

Tom with one of his many well trained dogs - and horses.

The Water Buffalo got stuck into the stroller while Tom was not...

A long, hot drive from Lake Argyle - just over 500km - caught up to Anne and Dave at Turkey Creek for a quick bite of lunch.

Back at the Big4 here - a great park.

Sadly, had to farewell Anne and Dave after 2 nights, as they head south down the Track then home, in preparation for their excursions overseas from Sep onwards. Will not see them until we catch up in Canberra in November.

We are here for an extended stay, just enjoying the relaxation. Have had a few niggly problems along the way - no gas to the fridge during a power failure in Broome - got a mobile gas guy to fix that one - have had dwindling water supply into van since Broome, and finally got a guy out here in Katherine - something to do with the input valve - fixed to a degree so at least I can stand under the shower now, not chase the drips around!! Reckon it was dirt getting in from the very dusty 80 Mile Beach Road as it was ok prior to that. Update on the water problem - our increased volume only lasted a few days, so Pete took the inlet valve completely apart, cleaned it out and sprayed it, and since then, yippee!! Lots of pressure as we should have.

Had an interesting day in Broome, the morning Paddy & Pete left us. Pedro went for his usual very early morning walk down to the beach area, along with his few exercises (of course in view of the young ladies doing the same down there!!) Anyway, he stepped back into the van, stopped and looked very vague. Had no idea what he had been doing, or where - kept asking me the day and date over and over and over - had absolutely no memory whatsoever of the previous 24 hours. Knew who we were travelling with and his birthdate, but not a thing re the past 24 hours. Paddy then told me he had hit his head hard on the top of the doorway into the van the previous evening. (He had no mark at all on his scone). OK, I was thinking blood clot or TIA (mini stroke).....everyone else was in a bit of a panic, too - he was just vacantly looking around, though knew them all.

Got him straight to the hospital, and though we had to wait in Emergency, finally saw a Dr Mark Holloway, who did not just dismiss things, even though by now, 3 hours later, memory was starting to come back in bits and pieces. To cut a long story short, he had a brain mri (Mark was happy to report there IS a brain in there!!) which cleared any problems with a clot, then had to book in the following day for a doppler scan of his carotid arteries in the neck, to clear of stroke. All came back clear, and our own Dr at home contacted us to this effect, and gave us the all clear to continue on with our travels. Seems he had a delayed reaction to the minor head trauma that is called Transient Global Amnesia (TGA - it has become his mantra since then if he forgets anything "TGA TGA" !!) Within 6 hours he had all his memories back. He has not been on a morning walk from that morning though, I think it really gave him a bit of a scare, not to mention what it did to the rest of us. We even missed farewelling Paddy and Pete!! He has been as fit as always since then - just one of those weird things - Google it and you will get an idea of what it was.

Safe to relate it now, 3 weeks later, as all is well.

Have had a couple of great evenings here in the Park in Katherine - a Bush Poet one night, and a couple who sing Australia Bush Ballads, some Country and some of anything else on two other nights. Great voices and have purchased a couple of their cds for rocking along the road!!

Going to the Katherine Outback Experience just out of town on Monday, which includes authentic horse-breaking and working dog demonstrations, singing, and horse/man acts together. Have heard it is great. ...and it was.

Into our last days now - Bush Poet again here tomorrow evening, then dinner at the Big Fig on our last night Thursday.

Spent 3 hours today at the Katherine Museum - it is the original Katherine Airport and also the first overland phone link between Darwin and Adelaide, so has lots of very interesting places of interest - not least was a video of the massive 1998 floods that pretty well wiped Katherine out.

On to Adelaide River on Friday, leaving the van there overnight on Sat while we travel up to Darwin for the footy - Dockers v Melb. Then it is back to AR for another 5 nights before reaching our final destination for the first part of our trip, Bobbie's place in Humpty Doo.

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