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Carpes at Three Flags Thousand Trails Wildwood

I 75 had plenty of traffic
After the relative tranquility of I 10...

Fri, 26 Feb: A fairly easy day...

Serendipity... Noun meaning: luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for. That's the best way to describe why we're parked in a full hook-up 30 ampere site in a Thousand Trails park near Wildwood.

Last evening, when we were mapping today's route, we were planning to overnite at the Wal*Mart near The Villages. The reviews indicated that it was not the best Wally parking-wise, so we explored alternatives. We found this Three Flags park that claimed to be a Passport America 50% discount park.

Bob called them and it turns out that they are not only a PA park, but they're also a Thousand Trails park. Long story short, instead of boondocking in a Wally lot, or getting 50% off as PA members, we're staying "free" as Thousand Trails members. How sweet is that???

Bob bought some new ear plugs at the Live Oak Wal*Mart so we had a nice and quiet nite. It was pretty cold, high 30s, so we snuggled under our comforter till Sandi braved the chill to turn on the bedroom furnace.

We arose about half past seven and had a relaxed morning. Once we got everything cleaned up and stowed for travel Sandi rolled wheels at half past nine. The Wally was only a block or two from I 10 so in short order we were again rolling east. About a dozen miles down the road we left I 10 for I 75 south. We'd been on I 10 since Casa Grande so it felt as tho we were saying good-bye to an old friend.

I 75 is a different animal than I 10. It was Busy with a capital "B". Much traffic and many trucks. Definitely east coast! We drove roughly 100 miles till we exited on Florida 44 which we took a bit more than a mile to the Three Flags Thousand Trails. We pulled in a tad after noon and got ourselves registered and settled in.

Bob needed to check on some stuff at Walgreens so we headed to the nearest one in The Villages. We'd heard a lot about The Villages, but to be honest the little corner we saw didn't impress us all that much. It appears to be the stereotypical Florida gated and planned retirement community with old people driving around in golf carts. Not for us...

Following lunch we returned home where we're catching up on computer stuff.

Today's run was an easy 122 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8½ mpg.

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